How to connect kids and student-teachers to the conference?

I was wondering how to plug kids in. Two middle classes their own blogs and have done some podcasting. Two secondary classes have built their presence online (Flickr, 43Things and Places and Wordpress) and have it all aggregated in Suprglu and interconnected so whenever they post on 43, this goes directly to their blogs as well.

I asked them today to make all the questions they have always wanted to know about New Zealand and were afraid to ask (lol) and thought local NZ students/ teachers/teacher trainees might come up with a similar list about Brazil/open source and whatever other info they are interested in before the conference so we can work on the information here beforehand and maybe answer it as podcasts, blog posts or films.

Two of my classes suggested making a multi-media presentation showing sketches of their everyday life and interests. They promised they would be posting the photos to Flickr until next week so we can start putting all this together. The photos are tagged flnwbz

I do not know how I came across this blog anymore...anyhow...does not matter. What matters is that it is wonderful and gives you plenty of ideas.

What came to my mind was to create some sort of interactive geography game, through which kids in NZ; US, Brazil put together an interactive map on the web and post photos, podcast, films and questions for the others to learn about their respective countries and way of life. I thought we could use tagging, Flickr(Creative Commons) and 43Places maybe.
I just do not know exactly how to put the whole thing together so if anyone is interested in brainstorming might be a theme.

How to connect teachers and student-teachers to the conference?
I have contacted several communities of practice here in Brazil and abroad to see who wants to participate asynchrously by asking questions to participants, networking and asking questions.

Where are we going to post the photos/podcasts/interviews/reports? How can we aggregate all of this? Is there a tag for this?
I am using flnwbz for the Brazilian photos and flnw for anything related to the conference.