Plans and Ideas for Synchronous Event in Dunedin/Christchurch

Skypecast through Worldbridges like I did for my conference in Brasilia? Or I could eventually ask Marratech to lend me a room. Works on Mac, Windows and Linux.

Bee - I guess this means you'r really coming to NZ - brilliant! I guess if I facilitate this event I'd like it to be in Elluminate. I found Skypecasting with Worldbridges a bit confusing actually. And I still think Elluminate is the best of the webcasting tools. Is that OK with you? - Michael .

Michael, no problem whatsoever. I was just trying to envisage new things. Maybe we could think of another webcast later on during the trip using a different technology. Konrad, are you game? Maybe we could split the themes - Have the four (or more) announced at the beginning, discuss a and b in more depth for instance (explain the event, the importance and the vision), throw the seeds for c and d so we can brainstorm it while we travel and then at the end of the trip, bring it all together and conclude with c and d (how to accomplish it).

Suggested Themes (on Leigh's wiki)

a)What is an Open Conference? (Dunedin)
b) The Future of a Networked World
c) Professional Development
d) Building Learning Communities

Professional Development in Networked Communities:
I am really interested in starting an initiative for an international community of practice (professional development/teacher training) grounded in the new realities of teaching in networked communities. This could involve creating a community where teachers (and students?) from different countries interact to learn more about effective practices. This is just a general idea - I am still thinking about details and will keep posting them.

Perhaps Leigh could put us in touch with teachers and teacher educators in New Zealand who might be receptive to this idea?

Bee, what about Brazil? I see from your brainstorming session that you are also thinking about professional development.
Yes, I am contacting several people who are already in communities of practice or have experience in networking (collaborative projects) and inviting them to join us. Some of them do not speak English though, so I have opened a page in Portuguese and hope I can have people helping me to translate the main themes.(BD)

I would love to collaborate on this with other participants at the conference. It could be part of the Synch Event and/or one of the sub-themes for the conference.
- Konrad